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Savoya's Travel Safety Quiz Offers Travel Safety Tips

McKenna Michel

July 03, 2018

Travel safety may not be top of mind when planning business or personal travel—but it should be. Do you know what information belongs on your luggage tag? Which floor should you request in a hotel? When is a travelers’ victim value is the highest?

Put your safety skills to the test with Savoya’s Travel Safety Challenge.

When we first debuted this quiz at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Convention, we could never have guessed how popular it would be—nor the number of questions it would generate from participants curious to learn more. We loved watching people engage with it, and quickly realized that we wanted to spread the message of safe executive travel practices and duty of care even more broadly.

That’s why we’re excited to offer the interactive online version of Savoya’s Travel Safety Challenge, which is designed to share top travel safety tips and common travel scams in a fun and relatable way.

Some of the questions will address things you’ve heard before, but have maybe forgotten; others will be completely new and eye-opening. Even experienced travelers and travel managers can have safety blind spots. We all fall victim to the “been there, done that” mentality, or we simply don’t know what to expect from a place we’ve never experienced before.

Our hope is that this quick quiz will surprise, enlighten, and refocus you on some simple safety frameworks and tips that can help protect you and your travelers from unexpected risk on the road.

To begin, click the image below. You’ll see 10 questions at random, and you’ll receive informative tips and helpful resources along the way, based on your performance. Take it for a spin, share it with your colleagues and help us get the word out.

Can you get a perfect safety score? Find out now by taking Savoya’s Travel Safety Challenge.

Travel Safety Quiz

McKenna Michel
McKenna Michel

As an industry expert, Ms. Michel writes on company news and on the broader business impact of travel trends on various stakeholders.