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Travel Safety Resources

Jon Hooton

September 15, 2020

Savoya is a tireless champion of safe, healthy travel. In fact, Savoya has proactively installed health and safety standards as far back as February based on best-available information from the CDC and WHO, vehicle sanitization best practices, and specific expectations/requests from customers. As companies begin to ramp up travel in the coming months, Savoya is confident that these comprehensive protocols will help travelers get back on the road safely and confidently.

This page will serve as a compilation of some helpful resources that will guide you in re-initiating your travel programs with complete confidence.

General Travel Information

Ground Travel Resources

Air Travel Resources

Travel Safety Standards for Hotels

Evidence Supporting Masks

What other resources should we include? Leave us a note below with your comments.

Jon Hooton
Jon Hooton

Mr. Hooton serves as Savoya’s Vice President of Operations, giving him an insider’s perspective into the challenges faced by travel managers. His contributions are grounded in this insight, and emphasize travel and safety best practices for travel coordinators and the teams they serve.