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A Message from Our CEO

Robert Dobrient

May 12, 2020

Throughout our 20-year history, Savoya has maintained an almost fanatical commitment to establishing standards of service and safety unmatched in the ground travel industry. We have been guided by these core principles throughout our response to the… Read More

Travel Safety Will Be Front and Center in 2020

Meagan Gleason

December 09, 2019

As you and your organization look ahead to 2020, travel will almost certainly play an important role in your strategic planning process. In fact, business travel is increasing in popularity, with companies expected to spend an average of 6-12% of… Read More

Jeremy Burrows is dedicated to helping executive assistants become effective, empowered leaders within their organizations—without burning out. As the EA to the Founder and CEO of Capacity, Jeremy knows firsthand how challenging it can be to support… Read More

Executive travel is never simple. Every minute counts, so schedules are tightly orchestrated to maximize the value of the travel expense; however, itineraries change constantly, and every change has a domino effect on all subsequent events.… Read More

Update: January 14, 2019—Marriott has revised the number of guests it believes were impacted by the November 2018 breach from approximately 500 million to 383 million, including 5.25 million guests whose unencrypted passport numbers were stolen. A… Read More

Whether you’re a traveling executive or an assistant managing the movements of a high-level traveler, situational awareness is one of the basic building blocks of personal safety. Read More

You land at a busy airport, and struggle to find your way to the passenger pickup area. You finally arrive, only to be confronted by a row of drivers, standing next to nearly-identical vehicles. Read More

Travel safety may not be top of mind when planning business or personal travel—but it should be. Do you know what information belongs on your luggage tag? Which floor should you request in a hotel? When is a travelers’ victim value is the highest?… Read More

Greater visibility into the operations of the vendors that make up your corporate travel management program often means the ability to make better, more informed and more data-driven decisions. It may mean cost-savings, and—as we’ll get into later… Read More

In our recent response to a Wall Street Journal article on the growing interest in corporate duty of care, Savoya’s president Robert Dobrient pointed out that the tracking of business travelers can be useful in responding to crisis. But, he notes,… Read More

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