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Career Planning Tips for Administrative Professionals

There is no question that these are strange and unprecedented times. We have heard from many of our EA partners that have been professionally impacted by the events of the last five months. First and foremost, I want to offer you my reassurance and… Read More

As areas begin to reopen and shelter orders begin to lift, many companies are evaluating the safest, most prudent course for reinitiating their travel programs. Understandably, travel has been severely depressed over these past several months as… Read More

A Message from Our CEO

Robert Dobrient

May 12, 2020

Throughout our 20-year history, Savoya has maintained an almost fanatical commitment to establishing standards of service and safety unmatched in the ground travel industry. We have been guided by these core principles throughout our response to the… Read More

Savoya & CAN: Moving Those Who Need it Most

Brant Southwell

April 01, 2020

Savoya & CAN: Moving Those Who Need it Most

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) helps cancer patients access the best treatment available by arranging free travel on corporate aircraft. Business jet travel makes it possible for patients, especially those in locations with minimal airline access, to… Read More

In Challenging Times, EAs Can Be the Calm in the Storm

There is no question that these are challenging and unprecedented times, where priority must be placed on protecting your health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of your friends and family. Many people are also understandably… Read More

A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “The Vanishing Executive Assistant.” Several prominent voices in the Executive Assistant community have penned compelling and heartfelt rebuttals to some of the key points… Read More

If given the choice, would you choose to stay at a Four Seasons Hotel, or at a budget motel just a few miles away? Would you choose to make a transatlantic flight on a full-service private jet, or in an economy seat on a low-cost airline? If you… Read More

Run an internet search looking for productivity advice for those who juggle multiple demands in fast-paced work environments, and the common refrain you’ll see is this: stop trying to multitask. Read More

Since 1981, Corporate Angel Network (CAN)—to which Savoya donates ground travel services—has placed nearly 60,000 cancer patients on private planes to travel to and from treatment. If that sounds like a simple thing to do, it is anything but. Every… Read More

The energy of the new year is a great time to reflect, set goals and think about how we can do what we do even better next year. For some members of Savoya’s team, that means being more empathetic, becoming a better coach, being a better… Read More

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