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A Message from Our CEO

Robert Dobrient

May 12, 2020

Throughout our 20-year history, Savoya has maintained an almost fanatical commitment to establishing standards of service and safety unmatched in the ground travel industry. We have been guided by these core principles throughout our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, putting protocols in place that allow our passengers to travel safely and confidently.

Although travel has been severely depressed over these past two months, we have continued to book and execute trips each and every day. This has allowed us to provide critical support to our 10,000 customers as they continue to conduct business and oversee their organizational responses. This has also allowed us to support our nearly 100 employees and our 2,000+ driver partners, as well as their families.

While I have been profoundly saddened by the human and economic toll of this pandemic, I remain determinedly hopeful; and I am optimistic that we are now beginning a journey back to some sense of normalcy. People across the world have responded with vigilance and determination, and as a result we are making marked progress towards reopening. As shelter orders begin to lift, I wanted to share several ways that Savoya is helping you get back on the road, with a genuine focus on your health and safety.

Protocols for Drivers

Savoya is proud to partner with the best driving professionals in the industry, and we have developed thorough recommendations for our entire driver base as they continue to provide legendary service to our customers. These recommendations are based on sanitization best-practices, recommendations from the WHO and CDC and specific requests from our heaviest power travelers. These are designed to create a safe, healthy environment in the vehicle on every Savoya trip, no matter the distance.

Long-Distance Transfers

In order to provide our passengers with the option to travel alone in a private, enclosed vehicle rather than on a crowded commercial flight, we have drastically increased the potential range of our transfers. These include common routes such as New York-Washington DC, Sacramento-San Francisco, Houston-Dallas, Detroit-Chicago, and Portland-Seattle; however, we can create and tailor any route required to serve the travel needs of our customers.

New Service Areas

Anticipating heavy international travel demand as businesses resume, we have added numerous new service areas in the Middle East, including Dubai, Cairo, Doha, Tangiers, Amman, Algiers and more. Opening a new market is an exhaustive process for Savoya, requiring thorough vetting of potential service providers against our uncompromising standards. This comprehensive process ensures a consistent level of attention to service and safety anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your continued support of us as we strive to reciprocate that support to you. I wish you and your families safety and good health, and hope that you are making the best of this time together. Rest assured that Savoya will continue to take any and all proactive steps necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers. As always, please reach out to us if we can help in any way.

Robert Dobrient
Robert Dobrient

Mr. Dobrient has focused his career on refining the movement of people and materials from one location to another smoothly and seamlessly. After leading a time-critical delivery and logistics company for over a decade, he recognized the need for an elevated ground travel experience and launched Savoya. Building on this expertise, he currently serves as Chairman of Travel Research Advisors, the parent company of Savoya and two related entities in the travel space.