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Introducing: Momentum, the New Savoya Blog

McKenna Michel

May 16, 2018

Welcome to the new Savoya blog, Momentum!

Every day, our team works with the world’s most discerning travelers and their support teams, providing not just secure ground travel, but effortless experiences as well. Discretion is an expectation for these travelers, and we’re honored to create sanctuaries for them on the road through the efforts of our Certified Drivers.

But while we’re committed to maintaining the privacy of our travelers, we also know that the most successful relationships are built on transparency. We’re in the Information Age, after all, when virtually any question can be answered with a quick internet search. Why shouldn’t you experience a similar level of openness from the company you’re trusting to get you and your travelers safely to their destinations?

We’ll provide that and more on this site. To help you better understand our mindset in launching this project, we have established several guiding communication principles we intend to follow:


Thought Leadership Based on Expert Insight

Savoya has been a leader in ground solutions for almost 20 years, and in that time, we’ve formed partnerships with top security teams, business aviation companies, corporate flight departments and other travel and safety stakeholders around the world.

These relationships, together with our own experiences, give us the insider knowledge needed to expose truths and offer guidance on a broad range of topics, including:

  • Travel industry trends
  • Travel risk mitigation
  • Travel supplier sourcing
  • Travel safety best practices
  • Service leadership in action


Perspectives Anchored in our Core Values

As a company, we have defined our core values to include transparency, service, respect, humility and excellence. And while we are a private company with its own point of view, incorporating these core values into every new channel of communication we develop means:

  • Abiding by the journalistic values of honesty, integrity, accountability and responsibility
  • Maintaining client confidentiality by adhering to strict privacy standards for everything we choose to share
  • Referencing high quality sources, citing them whenever their insight is mentioned in our work, and never plagiarizing the content we create

The intent here is not to sell you on Savoya’s services (though that would, of course, be a happy accident). Instead, we want to equip you with the knowledge - shared from voices inside and outside of Savoya - needed to become an informed traveler or travel planner in today’s rapidly changing world.

We hope that the future content shared here on the Savoya blog helps establish this foundation of mutual respect, but we need your help. Is there a topic you’d like to see us cover in the future? Leave us your notes below sharing your suggestions.

McKenna Michel
McKenna Michel

As an industry expert, Ms. Michel writes on company news and on the broader business impact of travel trends on various stakeholders.